Line-Log - Bidirectional MV Load Logger

The Line-Log™ is a distribution line monitoring system designed for high accuracy bi-directional current measurements. This system enables qualification and improvements with load profiling and balancing of your distribution system. This unique and compact instrument offers large internal memory with several months of recording, Wireless communication, Hybrid power harvesting for continuous and autonomous operation and the design is Partial Discharge Free! The Line-Log™ is the perfect tool for accurate tracking of load profiles on multiple circuits.

Today’s distribution grid reliability is a necessity. The ability to monitor the current of any line should be easy to do. The Line-Log™, a cost-effective solution focused on
ease of use. With its Partial Discharge free design Line-Log™ system delivers durable and reliable performance overtime. At ndb Technologies, Partial Discharge phenomena are taken seriously. Also, the housing is made of a high quality composite material especially chosen to prevent degradation under UV light exposure.

The Line-Log™ system is an easy to install/easy to use low maintenance current monitoring system. Its deployment can easily be completed in few minutes using a simple hot stick. Its internal power harvesting circuit allows autonomous monitoring. In case of very low line current events, the Line-Log™ continues to operate normally, thanks to its energy backup system powerful enough for multiple days. The Line-Log™ settings and recording data are easily accessible using its wireless connection technology, even from a distance greater than 30 meters (100 feet). Planning of using it in extreme cold/hot/humid conditions? No worries! The Line-Log™ can operate in any conditions as its design allows operation from -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F).


Main features:

  • Easy installation with a hotstick
  • Large internal memory
  • Power Harvest technology
  • Energy backup for low line current situations
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Partial Discharge Free design
  • Measurements down to 1 Amp
  • Designed to meet with IEEE-495:2007

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