Cable ID and Distribution

ndb Technologies offers Cable identification systems such as the LCI for energized cable and the VCI for de-energized cable.These cable identifiers increase workers’ safety by using a reliable cable identification technique and by its simplicity of operation.

ndb Technolgoies also offers distribution transformer equipment. The DOC-2000 and NDB-DOC are intended to safely measure the de-energized distribution transformer before to put it back online. The instrument measures the internal resistance and indicates if the presence of short-circuit or open circuit is detected.


Distribution Transformer Tester, DOC-2000

The DOC-2000 is intended for de-energised distribution transformer testing. It can determine the presence of short circuits or an open circuit in the distribution transformer primary winding and also (more)

Distribution Transformer Tester, NDB-DOC-3

The NDB-DOC-3™ is a test instrument designed for distribution networks transformers from 5kVA to 3MVA. It can determine the presence of short circuits or open circuits in the distribution (more)

Insuleak - Low voltage cable insulation tester

The Insuleak system redefines cable’s insulation test standards. It was designed by Hydro-Quebec to prevent major failures in power distribution cables. The Insuleak uses a unique process of air (more)

LCI - Live MV cable identification system

The LCI is intended for energised cable identification on secondary and primary circuits. It features a dual frequency technique that eliminates false identifications. The LCI is designed to be easy (more)

SPI-III - System Phase Identification

Our vision has always been to create a phase identification system that exceeds any of today’s industry quality, safety and efficiency requirements. SPI-III’s unique design consists of a wireless (more)

VCI-3 - Voice Cable Identification System

The VCI-3 is cable identification and phasing system used during installation or maintenance works on de-energized three phase systems. It uses an easy and safe voice technology to identify cables. (more)

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