DRM-4012 - Exothermic welds (Cadweld®) testing probe

The DRM-4012 allows a precise and easy quality control of welded electrical connections. Paired with any of the DRM or LRM series, the DRM-4012 probe measures the electrical resistance formed by the fusion of the weld with the conductors. The equipment is designed specifically to test electrical connections/exothermic welds (Cadweld®) and it is the most accurate and competitive on the market in its category.

The electrical resistance value of a good exothermic weld is about ten micro ohms, and the difference between a good and a bad weld can be as low as one micro ohm. In order to be able to measure this difference, the accuracy and resolution of the tool used are very important. In addition, these joints are welded in the field, and so the tool must be portable and easy to use .

The DRM-4012 probe uses the four-points measuring method. This technique consists of injecting a known current through two current contacts and then measuring the voltage with the help of two voltage contacts placed in between. The current is read as well to eliminate the contact-resistance factor.

The DRM and LRM micro-ohmmeter features a relative measuring mode allowing the user to compare the difference between a reference measurement and the ones obtained during the quality control.

Main features:

  • Light, portable, rechargeable batteries
  • Shock resistant
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Relative modes
  • Great variety of accessories available

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