GET-40 - Protective Grounding Set Tester

The GET-40 is an easy-to-use accurate Grounding Jumper Tester accessory intended to be used with any of the DRM and LRM series. The resistance measurements guarantee that your Protective Grounding Sets are always in good condition. The Get-40 is ideal for a regular maintenance program.

Personal Protective Grounding Equipment should be tested periodically to ensure it always meets protection requirements. The integrity of a Protective Grounding Equipment should never be assumed. This is why, for personnel safety, they should always be tested. By putting in place a regular maintenance program, the condition of a Protective Grounding Set can be confirmed quickly. One can know by comparing the test result with the previous one if the Protective Grounding Set has lost its capacity to protect workers. The resistance measurements guarantee that Protective Grounding Sets are always in good condition.

Main features:

  • Guarantees your Protective Ground Set integrity
  • Exclusive measurement technique including clamps contact evaluation
  • Works with Duck Bills, "C" clamps, ball socket clamps, flat jaw clamps
  • Adaptable to other type of clamps or connectors
  • Full automatic, microprocessor based
  • One reading, no calculation required
  • Portable, battery operation
  • 4 digit display for high precision

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