We have several solutions for switchgears’ maintenance. Our products can give you a real time picture of your switchgear equipment behavior and tell you when maintenance is required to avoid network failures. There are perfect for a predictive maintenance program.

PDS - Partial Discharge Scanner

Insulation fault detectionInsulation faults are an important factor in degradation and reduction of the lifetime of an electrical joint. This translates into raised exploitation costs and (more)

ULD-40 - Ultrasonic Corona/Arcing Detector

Detection of Electrical Arcs and Corona EffectsElectrical arcs in the air and corona effects emit sounds and ultrasounds. The role of the ULD-40 consists of capturing emitted ultrasounds and of (more)

XDP II - Portable PD recorder and diagnostic system

ApplicationsQuality control of MV/HV equipment on production line (transformers, switchgears, etc.)Quality control of the insulators during installation or underground network repair (cable joints, (more)

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