WRT-10 - Winding Resistance Tester

The WRT-10 is a high performance winding resistance tester designed for power transformer and large motor applications. It is equipped with a bright LCD display, a rugged high quality cable set, a built-in printer and full QWERTY keypad.

Winding resistance testing is an important part of power transformer maintenance or manufacturing quality assurance program. Transformers and large motors are subject to vibrations, overloading and environments with large temperature variations. With winding resistance measurements it can be determined if the connections are made correctly and that no opens of shorts are present. Tap changers of power transformers are particularly critical with several contacts and switches. The WRT-10 is very effective in detecting Tap changer abnormalities.

Main features:

  • Rugged design
  • Highly regulated and filtered output source
  • High accuracy of 0.1% of reading
  • High resolution with 4 ½ display, 0.1µOhm
  • Large internal memory
  • Remote tap changer circuit
  • Timed mode for heat run testing

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