Partial Discharge

This product line contains several solutions for Partial Discharge & Corona effect detection/localisation on various electrical apparatus such as extruded cable joints and elbows, cable terminations, bushings, insulators, arresters, potheads, switchgears, transformers, etc...

Partial Discharge is an important factor in degradation and reduction of the lifetime of any electrical network. This translates into raised exploitation costs and questionable reliability, while economic performance and reliability are key criteria in the evaluation of an electricity supplier. It is important that an electric utility have widespread, quick and efficient tools to check for quality and health of its electrical network.

ADD - Arrester Partial Discharge Detector

The ADD allows online partial discharge detection on medium voltage accessories such as: Arresters, dry type transformers, bushings, insulators, etc... The partial discharge level is displayed by (more)

AE-150 - Portable Partial Discharge/ Detection and Localization System for Power Transformers

The AE-150 is designed to detect and localize Partial Discharge activity inside oil-insulated power transformers. This instrument is a powerful diagnostic tool that combines electric and acoustic (more)

HFCT - High Frequency Current Transformer clamp

The HFCT-20 and HFCT-60 are high frequency current transformer sensors designed for partial discharge detection on electric apparatus’ ground returns. Made from superior quality materials, they are (more)

PD Annunciator – Partial Discharge Annunciator system

Remotely detect partial discharge activity inside any energised cabinet using ndb Technologies PD Annunciator system. Probes are installed on the unit under test and will give instant status thus (more)

PD-LT - Safe cable head PD measurement with remote wireless reading

The PD-LT allows online partial discharge detection on cable accessories such as cable head for safety and maintenance purposes. The partial discharge level is displayed on the built-in audible and (more)

PDS - Partial Discharge Scanner

The PDS allows online partial discharge detection on underground cable accessories and equipment for security/maintenance purposes. This equipment is perfect for a high voltage predictive maintenance (more)

ULD-40 - Ultrasonic Corona/Arcing Detector

The ULD-40 is an ultrasonic detector designed for corona and arcing inspections for predictive maintenance in electric utilities. Corona effect occurs when electricity is discharges into the (more)

XDP-II - Portable Partial Discharge Recorder and Diagnostic System

The XDP-II is a portable device for, online, factory and laboratory partial discharge measurement on electrical apparatus, or components. The XDP-II can be used in accordance to IEC 60270. It records (more)

XDP-II-LT - Portable Partial Discharge Diagnostic System

The XDP-II-LT is the latest product in our well-established XDP series. As its big brother the XDP-II, the XDP-II-LT is a battery-operated portable device allowing Partial Discharge detection. Paired (more)

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