XDP-II Analysis Software

This software is used to manage the partial discharge recordings made with the XDP. It is an easy to use option that allows the expertise to evolve by following-up the wave forms of partial discharges found on the cables and joints of underground electrical networks.

Software functions

  • Transfer of the recorded signals from the XDP to a database with date and hour
  • Consultation of the recordings by a simple selection in a table
  • Sorting of the data by columns
  • Graphic display of the selected partial discharge recording
  • Listening to the recordings with the PC audio canal
  • Addition of comments on the recordings
  • Creation of reference signals, called signatures, from the most significant recordings
  • Joining up to 10 signatures together, in order to create a reference file for the XDP
  • Transfer of the reference files from the PC to the XDP
  • Clearing the recordings from the XDP once they are downloaded on the PC

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