Substation Maintenance

AE-150 - Portable Partial Discharge/ Detection and Localization System for Power Transformers

The AE-150 is designed to detect and localize Partial Discharge activity inside oil-insulated power transformers. This instrument is a powerful diagnostic tool that combines electric and acoustic (more)

ART-3D - Transformer Turns Ratio Instrument

The ART-3D is high precision instrument designed to measure ratios, magnetization currents, phase-shifting in power transformers, distribution transformers, potential and current transformers, in (more)

CTT - Current Transformer Tester

The CTT is designed to test the current transformer ratio, Phase shift, Polarity, Excitation, Saturation, Winding resistance and Insulation resistance using the voltage method in compliance with (more)

LRM-10 - Contact Resistance Measurement Kit

The LRM-10 is a 10A micro-ohmmeter kit designed to measure low resistance for electrical interconnections integrity testing. The LRM-10 has a range from 0.01µΩ to 200Ω. It comes with heavy duty (more)

WRT-10D - Winding Resistance Tester with Demagnetisation Circuit

The WRT-10D is a high performance winding resistance tester designed for power transformer and large motor applications. It is equipped with a bright LCD display, a rugged high quality cable set, a (more)

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