AE-150 - UHF Antenna (Flexible)

The AE-150 Flexible UHF Antenna is designed to measure partial discharge activity in oil-insulated medium to large power transformers. It features a camera at the tip of the antenna allowing an easy insertion in the power transformer.

It is the most compact and convenient UHF Antenna for power transformers on the market today. It can be inserted into the transformer via the oil drain valve or the oil sampling valve. The camera helps the user to insert the probe properly. Partial discharge measurement is then performed inside the tank to eliminate noise such as corona discharges coming from outside the transformer. This technique guarantees sensitive Partial Discharge measurements every time. Paired with AE-150 Partial Discharge pinpointing system for power transformers, the antenna provides a trigger signal for acoustic PD synchronization and de-noising.

Main features:

  • Flexible design
  • Camera for easy insertion
  • LED lighting
  • High sensitivity

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