VLF Hipot

HVI offers the most portable, affordable, and easiest to use VLF hipots available. HVI offers the largest selection of models in the world, with ratings from 28kV – 200kV with load ratings from 0.4mF – 50mF. Since 1998, HVI has been the world's leading source for VLF test equipment.

A VLF hipot is just an AC output tester but with an output frequency of 0.1 Hz or lower rather than 50/60Hz. Although the frequency is very low, it is still an alternating current with polarity reversals every half cycle. At 0.1 Hz output, rather than 60Hz, it takes 600 times less current and power to apply an AC voltage to a capacitive load, like a long cable. There is no better way to verify the AC integrity of a cable than to hipot it with AC voltage.

VLF hipots are used to provide a go/no-go, or pass/fail, voltage withstand test. It can also be used as the voltage source for diagnostic cable testing. Contact HVI for more on
Tan Delta and Partial Discharge measurement accessories. HVI provides the best methods of cable testing.

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