CIGRE 2014, August 27th to 29th 2014, Paris, France

Many Thanks for visiting us at the Cigré 2014!

We would like to thank all the visitors, who visited our booth this year.We appreciate your interest in our company and solutions, and we believe that our meeting will contribute to new opportunities for our cooperation.



CIGRE calls on international experts to exchange knowledge, share best practices and join forces for the Power System of Today and Tomorrow.

CIGRE aims to:

  • Allow engineers and specialists from all around the world to exchange information and enhance their knowledge related to power systems,
  • Add value to the knowledge and information exchanged by synthesizing state-of-the-art world practices,
  • Make the synthesis of CIGRE’s work available to the decision-makers of the industry (CEOs, directors, managers, and regulators).

CIGRE covers issues related to planning and operation of power systems, as well as design, construction, maintenance and disposal of HV equipment and plants are at the core of CIGRE’s mission. Other issues related to protection of power systems, telecontrol, telecommunication equipment and information systems are also part of CIGRE’s area of concern.


We  are looking forward to welcome you at booth 326! 

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VCI-3 - Voice Cable Identification System

The VCI-3 uses a current injection technology. The current is injected through the wire conductors by magnetic transducers. Grounding is required at one or two of the three-phase circuit...

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PD-LT - Safe cable head PD measurement with remote wireless reading

Insulation faults are an important factor in degradation and reduction of the lifetime of a medium voltage component. This translates into raised exploitation costs and questionable...

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GET-40 - Protective Grounding Set Tester

Personal Protective Grounding Equipment should be tested periodically to ensure it always meets protection requirements. The integrity of a Protective Grounding Equipment should never be...

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AE-150 - Portable Partial Discharge/ Detection and Localization System for Power Transformers

The AE-150 is designed to detect and localize Partial Discharge activity by correlating acoustic and electric sensors’ data. It has many acquisition modes, each used for detecting and...

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Alroc - DMSR/80-160

The DMSR 40/90 is specially designed to remove the HDPE outer sheath also lead sheath of every thicknesses on high voltage cables. The DMS/R is very solid to remove heavy outer sheath. A...

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