NDB Technologies is proud to announce that Intertek has renewed of our ISO-9001 : 2008 certification for a period of three years. 

ISO 9001 is a quality management international standard, used by many agencies. ISO 9001:2008  is based on eight principles:

– Customer focus – an organization depends on its customers, therefore, needs to adapt its activities to meet the market

– The involvement of management – Set goals and a common orientation,

– Staff involvement – create an environment where staff is involved in the organization’s objectives,

– The process approach – for the results to be achieved , resources and activities should be managed as processes ,

– The system approach to management – the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization depends on a system of activities approach

– Continuous improvement – consider this principle on a daily base, is a key objective ,

– Decision making based on facts – a decision is based on logical analysis of data and information ,

– Mutually beneficial supplier relationships .

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