Winding resistance tester for power transformers


The WRT-10D™ is a high-performance winding resistance tester designed for power transformers and large motor applications. Its interface includes a large color display, full keypad, thermal printer and USB port for easy data transfer



  • Rugged, highly regulated and filtered out put current source for fast stabilized measurements
  • High Accuracy 0.1% of reading
  • High resolution with 4 ½ display, 0.1μΩ
  • Large, Color LCD display
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry
  • Large internal memory
  • Reporting software automatically generates a finished report from PC
  • Built-in thermal Printer



Injection replacement cable

Injection & reading replacement cable with booster type clamps.

Part number: WRT-101

Length: 15 meters (50 ft)

Reading replacement cable

Reading replacement cable with booster type clamps.

Part number: WRT-102P

Length: 15 meters (50 ft)

Tap changer replacement cable

Control the tap changer while performing winding resistance testing.

Part number: WRT-103

Length: 5.5 meters (18 ft)

Jumper replacement cable

Jumper replacement cable for WRT-10D.

Part number: WRT-105P

Length: 9 meters (30 ft)

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