Ultrasonic corona & arcing detector

The ULD-40™ is an ultrasonic detector designed for corona effect and arcing detection for predictive main­tenance in electric utilities. Available with a variety of accessories, this instrument is a cost-effective must for any prevention plan.



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  • Works just as well in noisy environments
  • Countless number of possible applications
  • Battery operated for maximum flexibility
  • Parabolic sensor with laser for optimal pinpoint testing
  • Built-in sensor and speaker
  • Rugged Delrin construction



Laser enhancement glasses

Use the laser enhancement glasses with the parabolic sensor (ULD-401) for better aiming on overhead accessories.


Part number: ACC-113

Parabolic sensor

Use the parabolic sensor for corona effect detection on overhead accessories.


Part number: ULD-401

Ultrasonic noise simulator

Simulate corona effect noise to test your ULD-40 setup prior to conduct field tests.


Part number: ULD-403

Audio cable

Save recording on an external device using the ULD-404 audio cable.


Part number: ULD-404

Noise isolating headphones

Ruggued noise isolating headphones for noisy environments.


Part number: ULD-405

Standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Contact probe

Conduct partial discharge detection on metal clad cabinets using the ULD-40 paired with the ULD-406 magnetic contact probe.


Part number: ULD-406

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